Excellence at all stages of purchase and use

Customer satisfaction is essential in Ogp: we love our machines and we also want you to have the opportunity to fully appreciate all the incredible possibilities and qualities in order to fully benefit from the complex potential.

For this reason, we will follow you step by step, from the initial consultation to understand your real needs, purchase, and in-depth training of the people who will be in your company to actually use the machines, to constantly upgrade both Measurement software of both the real machine. 

We are always available for any request or need, to find a custom solution for any type of measurement together.


Our Support Team was born primarily with the aim of getting you the most out of your measuring system. We always think that in addition to product quality, it is crucial to provide our customers with reliable, fast and professional service.

For this reason, after sales, service is considered FUNDAMENTAL.

We form the best of all our specialized technicians. They will be available to handle your requests quickly and effectively, and establish a trusted and collaborative relationship with you.

Our support team can help you keep the measurement system at the TOP of your performance through calibration, call out, and various services. We offer the possibility to avail of service contracts, so as to minimize the times of any machine stop, as well as to enjoy many other benefits. We remind you that an immediate help-desk and remote service service is always active for all of our customers.


We are available to provide training for operators in English, our engineers combine training with a host of theoretical and practical knowledge. There are several types of training packages.

Contact us to know the one that best suits your needs.

Upgrade Hardware & Software

A hardware & software upgrade is a cost-effective solution to extend the lifescycle and improve the performance of your measuring system.

An upgrade of your system also gives you access to new features and keeps both your measuring software and your operating system up to date.

Feel free to contact us to request a detailed and custom quotation.

Application support

Our Application Specialist team provides you with assistance in solving your measurement problems, finding the most suitable measurement system for your needs, or just getting the most out of the tool you already have.