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OGP company, part of the international group Quality Vision International, is the world leader in the construction of three-dimensional optical and multisensor measuring machines for quality control. Since 1945, QVI® companies have made an outstanding effort to improve dimensional measurement technology by becoming the global leader thanks to a significant wealth of knowledge developed over more than 70 years of human and product growth.

The target is to make OGP measurement systems more precise, reliable, cost-effective and productive for people who use them. Thanks to this, today we find OGP products in more than 100 countries around the world where QVI and OGP partners provide local quality technical support. The ISO 9001 Certification, reflects the commitment to continuous improvement at all stages of product execution.
With more than 400 employees worldwide, hundreds of independent representatives and distributors guarantee precision and professionalism across the entire industry.

Precision for People® is more than a slogan! It's the daily commitment to helping every customer around the world with excellent testing systems. OGP multisensor metrology systems, the world's first ever since 1987, improve the speed and precision of the measurement, using the best sensor for each dimension, and completing multiple measurements in one placement. Since then, OGP has consistently led the metrology industry with a series of innovative systems and sensors to address even the most challenging challenges in the field, thinking of new machines as multisensor systems, eliminating the inevitable compromises that may arise when new sensors Are added to traditional CMM machines. The range of sensors, distribution mechanisms and control systems are perfectly integrated with metrology software to provide users with a positive experience and extreme ease of use. OGP is well-known in the industry with the family of SmartScope® products.

SmartScope systems are synonymous with high performance and long-term reliability for dimensional metrology.

"Technology by QVI" means innovations, most of which are patented and exclusive to QVI products.

Among the important inventions are the AccuCentric® calibration zoom lens system, programmable incidence lighting sources, TeleStar® TTL laser interferometry, and many more. We have experienced the integration of lasers, white light, resonance sensors and tactile sensors with optical and video technology to allow complete measurement of pieces on a single test system! Today OGP produces more than 50 models of systems to measure sizes from 0.5m to more than two meters in length of the workpiece.

Multisensor systems cones from the integration of precise mechanics with a very accurate optic and advanced software, you will be able to capture the enormous potential of OGP. Its systems are capable of measuring any kind of component and innumerable applications have been made in every manufacturing sector.

Multisensor systems, born in 1987, combine optical, laser, and touch probe technology, allowing fast and perfect geometry measurements, integrating technologies by optically measuring the edge of an object and then measuring contact or laser aids Search for superficial measurements or hidden or unobtrusive geometries.

The OGP optic is the secret of the success of their systems, by generating contrasts to make every type of control on the most diverse materials. The OGP Optical Group includes a high definition digital camera, a SmartRing Light programmable lighting system, and a flexible zoom. Continuous magnification changes are calibrated with a patented Accucentric system and dedicated lenses reach magnifications beyond 600X.
In most instruments, a coaxial laser system for surface scans and a fast and precise measurement of individual points in asses can be adopted.

ith the RainbowProbe laser, accurate measurements are available and also suitable for checking the roughness parameters.
With touch probes, precise measurements of solid surfaces and geometries, subchannels and how much can not be seen by the camera are obtained.

Optional, variable-width racks and continuous scan probes are available.
With the FeatherProbe OGP option, apply a few milligrams of pressure on the workpiece without deforming it without requiring a rigid staging and with extremely small dimensions thanks to probes with a minimum size of up to 125μm.

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