SmartScope ZIP® sets a high standard in benchtop metrology. This durable system features fast stage speed for maximum throughput and short cycle times, without sacrificing accuracy. A heavy duty cast base with Y-axis center drive assures metrological stability.

Like all ZIP systems, SmartScope ZIP is equipped with 7:1 AccuCentric® zoom optics and is ideal for a wide variety of manufacturing industries and locations.

ZIP Range Product Specifications

Illumination is provided by a range of programmable LED light sources including the patented 8 vector, 8 sector SmartRing™. This lighting combination, in conjunction with OGP’s advanced edge detection algorithms; ensure consistent feature recognition, guaranteeing accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of measurement.

With OGP ZIP coordinate measuring machines users can add a combination of sensors such as the Renishaw touch probe, TTL Laser, low force Feather probe or Nanometre white light sensor, to provide complete versatility on a single machine. When using more than one of any of these sensors in your measurement process throughput, accuracy and speed of information significantly increases.

OGP’s full multi-sensor capabilities are maximised with the integrated software packages, which support any application with ease.



Reliability and extreme precision!

SmartScope ZIP is a proven, fast and secure measurement system!
Tools of this type are universally recognized as extremely reliable and valid for every situation in the field of quality control and production.

Each SmartScope ZIP is equipped with Zoom AccuCentric ™ with a magnification ratio of 7: 1. The Zoom is self-calibrated throughout its run for precise measurements and perfect images. Monitor magnifications range from 40 to 400x.

With the ZIP series machines, the ZONE3 Multisensor measurement software is supplied as standard, which optimally manages the use of contact probes, lasers and rotary tables. It is also essential for the use of continuous scanning probes and double rotary tables.

All machines of the ZIP series are available with a high intensity accessory lighting system called "VuLight" that allows you to measure in the most critical lighting conditions.With the B / W camera option you can still have a further increase in contrasts thanks to the "Frame Integrator" function: the system superimposes multiple images taken instantly with a consistent gain in brightness.


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